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Biodegradable PET fibers is made from PET fiber yarn which has the ability to biodegrade in all environments including the ocean, soil, landfills, and compost.
Biodegradable Fibers including the technology can get rid of the microplastic pollution problem that destroys the environment.

Abandoned oyster shell undergoes a modification process, and its nano-energy minerals and trace metals, combined with recycled bottles yarn which are re-spun to create a natural yarn without added chemical additives-SEAWOOL® recycled oyster shells fiber.

The fabric made of SEAWOOL® recycled oyster shells fiber has warmth,antibacterial, antistatic, comfortable wool feel characteristic.

The used fishing nets which made from nylon are melted after they have been cleaned, chopped into small pieces and pelleted.

Recycled nylon has the same properties as virgin nylon manufactured from crude oil.
Items which have been made from recycled nylon include bicycle seats, chair and luggage castors, tool handles, auto parts and electronics components, and many other things.

Recently, used fishing nets have also been used in the manufacturer of wear-resistant carpets and textiles.


Polyester is a man-made fiber polymerized by petrochemical products. This material is clean, strong and elastic so it has outstanding shape maintenance, durability and hydrophobic performance. It is not biodegradable like natural fiber, but it can be 100% recycled mechanically or chemically. The recycled polyester used for textiles most commonly comes from clear PET drinking water bottles, but it can also be made from fabric offcuts and unusable second-quality fabrics. The resulting recycled material then retains the same properties as virgin polyester.

Recycled Polyester


Sourcing Team

We have powerful and quick response sourcing team to catch up client’s development and sample requirement not only in fabric but also in trims (e.g. buttons, webbing, labels and packaging…etc.) to meet needs of global market.


We collect the latest fashion/color trends for every new season.


AQL standard / Private Lab


E-pattern System / Template Machine

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